China WPC Wood Doors Suppliers Introduces The Furnishing Details Of Glass Doors

China WPC Wood Doors Suppliers introduced the furnishing requirements of glass doors:



China WPC Wood Doors Suppliers introduced the furnishing requirements of glass doors:

1. Positioning and setting-off: The glass door is combined by static glass and active glass door leaf, and the difference is carried out for setting-up and positioning, following the requirements of renovation and construction drawings, releasing the positioning line of the glass door, and identifying the position of the door frame together.

2. Limit slot on the top of the display frame: The width of the limit slot should be two to four millimeters greater than the thickness of the glass, and the groove depth should be ten to 20 millimeters. When installing, first draw out the two metal decoration board edges from the bulleted line, and then follow the edges to set the limit slot on the top of the door frame, and mediate the groove depth in the notch through the plywood backing plate.

3. Install the wooden bottom bracket with metal finish: fix the square wood on the ground, and glue the metal veneer to the wood with all-purpose glue. If the aluminum alloy square tube is used, it may be fixed on the frame column with aluminum angles, or fixed on the wooden bricks buried in the ground with wood screws.

4. Install the vertical door frame: nail the square wood of the door frame with the projected outer line, then use the plywood to determine the state and orientation of the door frame column, and finally wrap the metal decoration surface. When decorating the bag, place the seam of the facing enemy in the middle door position of the installation glass.

5. Installation glass: Use a glass suction cup machine to suck the thick glass tightly, and lift the thick glass plate to the display position. First pierce the upper part of the glass into the limit slot at the top of the door frame, and then put the lower part of the glass on the top.

6. Static glass: Nail two small square wooden strips on the front and back of the bottom square wood to clamp the thick glass to the middle door, apply all-purpose glue on the square wooden strips and glue the facing metal to the square wooden strips .

7. Seal with glass glue: write glass glue at the two ends of the top limit slot and the bottom bracket, and at the gap between the thick glass and the frame column, and use a tool to scrape off the remaining glass glue.

8. Glass butt joint: When the glass door is still and needs to be spliced ​​because of its large size, its butt joint should have a width of two to three millimeters, and the edge of the glass plate should be chamfered.

9. Floor spring decoration: The floor spring before the door leaf device and the positioning pin on the top surface of the door frame should be installed. Besides, there is an important coaxial line. It is best to use a hanging vertical line to check to ensure that they are on the same line.

10. Arrange the concave-convex door clip: Install the concave-convex metal door clip in the middle of the upper and lower glass door leaf. Assuming the height of the door leaf is lacking, the bottom of the glass in the door clip can be padded with wooden plywood.

11. Fix the glass door clip: After setting the height of the door leaf, pierce a small wooden strip into the gap between the glass and the concave-convex door clip, and write glass glue in the gap to fix it.

12. Door decoration: First, use your own healing screw to move the positioning pin out of the crossbeam by two millimeters, erect the unit glass door leaf, and the hole of the rotating pin connector in the door clamp of the lower door leaf is aligned with the movable spring pin shaft of the floor spring. Rotate the door leaf to set the hole position on the pin shaft, shift the door leaf to a right angle with the door frame beam, align the turning connector hole in the door clip on the door leaf with the positioning pin on the door frame beam, adjust the adjustment screw of the positioning pin, and set the positioning pin Pierce into the hole.

13. Handle display: Before display, apply a small amount of glass glue to some of the glass that pulls the card into the glass. When the handle is assembled, the root is close to the glass and then press the stationary screw to ensure that the handle has no signs of looseness.

Through the above introduction, Wholesale WPC Glass Doors Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.