Augmented Reality Companies in UK: A Flourishing British Sector

Renowned travel companies use AR and other immersive technologies to give a virtual experience to their consumers.


The Augmented reality market in the UK is $3.55 billion. In addition, this sector is growing 30% every year in the nation. That is why several organizations and institutions are using such innovative solutions to facilitate the interactive activities. If we talk about government measures, the British government claimed themselves as an avid supporter of augmented reality companies in UK.


They promised to provide several help through a range of mechanisms, including funding, tax incentives, mentorship, and practical support. Let us decode how this industry is flourishing in the British territory and how it will deliver a promising result.

Importance of Augmented Reality Companies in the UK

1. Therapy services

One of the major clients of AR development companies is a healthcare company. According to reports, 65% of British healthcare institutions use AR applications to streamline their diagnosis and therapy services. 

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