Misunderstandings In The Sales Of Industrial Part Molds

According to some data evaluations, there are about 3.75 million conventional industrial source materials, parts and equipment manufacturing companies.


According to some data evaluations, there are about 3.75 million conventional industrial source materials, parts and equipment manufacturing companies. Among them, General Parts is a globally recognized manufacturing base and the only country in the world with a complete industrial system. There are approximately 1.24 million manufacturers of general parts and components. About 78% of the parts manufacturing enterprises are in the low-end position in the global parts supply chain system. This disadvantage is caused not only by the reason we often talk about "we started late", but also by many cognitive factors. The following are two common misunderstandings in the Industrial tray molding industry.

The first is that many people mistakenly think that parts sales are doing business, but this is not the case. Industrial spare parts are not simply manufactured products, and the sale of industrial products is not simply selling products. The reason is that the company decides whether to purchase a product or whether to cooperate with a supplier for a long time. It is often not because the supplier's business is doing well, but it may be because the company is aware of the supplier's high-quality product quality, good technical services and corporate reputation . Among them, product quality is of course the key. At the same time, brand reputation, service capabilities, communication costs and personnel quality are all considerations.

The second point is that there are no manufacturers for sales, and this is a common problem in many small parts companies. Perhaps due to factors such as the control of sales channels, we often see that there is no manufacturer information on the product samples of some companies. This will bring about two unfavorable consequences: one is that the user cannot find a manufacturer, cannot repurchase or obtain technical services, and the other is that the user cannot trust the product quality.

Fortunately, with the rapid development of technology, many problems have been gradually solved, and the technology like Industrial part mould ing has been continuously improved at the same time.