Path of Exile's final big move of this year is about to begin

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Players have entered the last month of 2020. In the announcement issued by GGG last month, they have learned that three epic events will appear this month as temporary replacements for the POE 3.13 expansion and bring fresh joy and excitement to players. Since the current league is still Heist, many careful players have prepared many POE Currency for the start of new events through the activities in the league, which is an extremely smart approach.

In fact, when players heard about the announcement of the game team, they thought that there would only be one big event, but what they didn’t expect was that GGG would release three new events in chronological order. Three days later, at 3pm Eastern Time, players can enter the first event called Mayhem to fight frantically in the chaotic game environment. In anarchy, this places outrageous demands on the players’ personal strength and ability to respond to crises. If you are not careful, other players will kill or rob yourself, causing players to not get a good game experience. Therefore, it is very necessary to prepare a lot.

Players who want to enjoy its fun need to play it as soon as possible. Because it lasts only one week, every player who wants to achieve significant achievements should seize the opportunity to create a greater advantage for themselves. Also lasting for a week is the Endless Delve event that will release on December 11th at 3 PM Eastern Time. Only the last event named Heist Flashback will last three weeks until the official release of the POE 3.13 extension.

I think there should be no players who are unwilling to accept this kind of passionate activity. Before the expansion of POE 3.13, players may use these three epic activities to warm up in advance in case that it is difficult to cope with the changing and complex game situation after entering the new expansion. If their economic conditions permit, they can also Buy POE Orbs to help them make more profits in future activities.