How To Choose China Wholesale Planting Machine

Which vegetable seedling planters can effectively reduce the damage rate of vegetable seedlings?



   Vegetables are very fragile in the process of raising seedlings, especially in the sowing process. With the development of various regions and the development of environmental protection, the cost of seedling breeding is getting higher and higher. In the process of raising seedlings, the seedlings are protected, the damage rate is reduced, and the survival rate is increased. Rate is the key.


1. The main reason for choosing Manual Fertilizer Seeder Wholesale vegetable seedling planter

Although many vegetable seedlings are grown in greenhouses, outdoor planting still accounts for a larger proportion. In this way, the time and weather for vegetable seedlings and planting is very important. If it is artificial planting, the labor cost and time cost are very large. It may take two hours for a home planter to finish planting. Your home needs two days for manual planting. The cost is one aspect. The weather is very unpredictable, and it can be quickly and efficiently in a suitable time period. Completing the planting task is the main reason for choosing a planter.


2. The utility value of vegetable seedling planter

In addition to reducing costs and improving planting efficiency, each type of seedling planter is a device that has been put into production and used after multiple tests and various scientific experiments, which means that it is more indispensable than manual seeding. Controllability, scientific seeding spacing and seeding depth can effectively increase the survival rate of seedlings, ensure that each seedling can absorb sufficient nutrients, and efficiently use land resources to create more seedling value, making the seedling process a controllable And efficient process.

3. Compared with manual seeding, the machine is more cost-effective

China Wholesale Planting Machine's vegetable seedling planter can complete a few acres or even dozens of acres of vegetable seedling planting with a single operation. Depending on the size of the land, you can add more machines to operate at the same time, and manual planting requires a large number of workers. , It takes a lot of time to plant seeds manually. The money spent by workers can completely rent or even buy multiple high-quality and high-efficiency planting machines, so the machine is more cost-effective.