Advantages Of Pex Ball Valve

PEX Ball Valve has good high temperature resistance, good mechanical properties and superior connection performance.PEX Fittings Plastic,
PEX Ball Valve


Floor heating is installed in the residential quarters of the city. Winter is a very cold season. Some homes will have heating and some homes will use air-conditioning. However, for a unified community, PEX Fittings Plastic will be installed directly. The overall temperature is particularly warm.

There are five kinds of floor heating pipes commonly used in the market: 1. PERT1 type, 20*2.0 pipe; 2. PERT1 type, 20*2.3 pipe; 3. PERTII type floor heating pipe; 4. PERT oxygen barrier pipe; 5. PB floor heating tube. The white engineering tube, the red new PERT floor heating tube, the yellow PERT is cheaper than the red, and the beige oxygen barrier tube.


PEX Fittings Plastic is a floor heating coil required by the European Union, and the price is relatively high. The pipe expansion connection method is adopted during construction, and the connection can be completed in a few seconds. It is characterized by good low temperature toughness, high temperature resistance, good stress crack resistance, no thermoplastic properties, and cannot be connected and repaired by hot melt welding. It can only be mechanically connected by metal pipe fittings, and water leakage is prone to long-term use.


The PE-RT pipe retains the advantages of the PEX pipe. The pipes can be connected by hot melt, the joints are reliable, the joints are not prone to leakage, the flexibility and low temperature resistance are good, and the material price is moderate, and the price is high. It is currently used in floor heating. Universal floor heating pipe.


PB pipe: It has the characteristics of high pressure resistance, high temperature and low temperature resistance, good impact resistance, easy to bend without rebound, and it is soft among several types of floor heating pipes. The price of raw materials is high, more than twice that of other varieties, and there are few applications currently.


PEX Ball Valve has good high temperature resistance, good mechanical properties and superior connection performance. It is non-toxic and hygienic. It is an ideal pipe for domestic hot water and radiator systems. However, due to its poor low temperature impact resistance, it is used in floor heating pipes. Less applications.