NBA 2K21 on Xbox Series X has realistic visuals

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Returning to NBA 2K after a ten-year hiatus is a crazy experience. The more intimate story mode of this game is surprising. But the biggest shock came from the appearance of Djimon Hounsou, Jesse Williams and Michael K. Williams. In the past ten years, celebrities have become more and more involved in mainstream games, but it is still surprising to see such beautiful and familiar faces in NBA 2K21 games. If you want to get strong players, then you can also Buy NBA 2K21 MT to help you improve your game.

Even more shocking is that the level of detail in their personal character models and the placement of real faces in the game often appear extremely real. First is Djimon Hounsou. You can see every pore of him. You can see all the small hairs on his salt and pepper goatee. When his mouth moves, it looks like an actual mouth. The next generation promises breakthrough graphics. Although not every game can showcase the graphics capabilities and performance provided by the technical upgrades of Xbox Series X and PS5, they do shine in NBA 2K21. Great, Djimon Hounsou is not the only NBA 2K21 star to receive a gorgeous, surrealistic treatment.

The game is also starred by Jesse Williams and Michael K. Williams, and their performances are immediately recognized. Like Hounsou, there is a certain degree of attention and attention in each character model, which is simply an amazing achievement. Sweat drips from the stream on Jesse Williams' face. Every detail can be perfectly replicated, and even facial movements are carefully designed to make people come alive.

From a gaming point of view, although NBA 2K21 is not a huge leap compared to previous games, it does play an important role in the graphics and performance sectors. The game is very smooth and feels like the beginning of the next generation of graphics revolution. If we have acquired surrealism in these early stages (and in the crossgen title), the future is indeed very bright.

The story mode is personal and the basketball game runs through the entire process. Some outstanding performances by Hounsou, Williams and Williams also received its support, which was impossible even five years ago. The character model is very gorgeous, sweaty looks back, Mysterious Valley is almost a thing of the past. The next generation is finally here, damn it looks good. According to our experience, now is the early release of the next generation of NBA 2K21, and it is also the best time for players to buy NBA 2K21 MT For Sale to invest in superstars.