The South Korean tech giant

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However, can Samsung bypass this negativity by compensating with additional features?

We take a look and see where Samsung can sweeten the deal.5mm audio jack, Samsung should add some worthwhile discounts to its Galaxy Buds true wireless earphones. This can be done in the form of launch offers and the Galaxy Buds priced competitively could offset the blow of no headphone jack. Now, in an unprecedented move, Samsung appears to be following suit with the Galaxy Note 10. 

Over the years, the South Korean tech giant has used the 3.This move by Samsung won’t please hardcore Galaxy Note fans as the Note lineup has been considered to be a smartphone that was uncompromising. It has to be said that Samsung is quite a bit ahead of its rivals when it comes to battery capacity so increasing the size will give it an added advantage.

These offers aren’t unheard of with several brands doing it.5mm jack inclusion as a means to poke fun at Apple, the same way Google did before it eventually got rid of it.Bigger BatteryOn every smartphone no matter the cost, battery life is of utmost importance.Galaxy BudsWith Samsung ditching the 3. With the Galaxy Note9, Samsung added a 4000mAh battery, so by adding a much larger battery will make a material difference in the life of Custom Plastic polypropylene plate Factory the handset.Believe it or now it has already been three years since Apple killed off the headphone jack on its iPhone lineup.

While adding discounts during the launch period, it will not just sweeten the deal but will also aide in Galaxy Buds sales. However, while Google ditched it some time ago, it appears that Samsung’s time with this port on their smartphones is up. Samsung needs to not just add a bigger battery but also optimize its software in order to make the most of the battery.

So with the Galaxy Note 10 coming up and it losing the headphone jack, Samsung should add a higher capacity battery on the phone