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We all know mahomes gets the arm. If he doesnt exert enough power on the throw, then yes it is a power problem that directly affects the accuracy of the throw. When he overthrows receivers, that Madden 21 coins is accuracy as well. Too much electricity. I dont know the best way to define accuracy, but when the ball goes sailing across someone's head, you can call it true at a 2d sense, however we are living in a 3D world, and I would say accuracy would be how close to ideal the throw was if the throw and the desirable location of the throw have been treated as 3D vectors. If your Y vector is short or long (disgance down field, aka power) it's still an erroneous throw to a level. Mahomes has room for improvement in this aspect, but even if he didnt improve he would nevertheless consistently be among the best deep ball throwers from the game. I just would not have it in 99. 93 seems totally honest. Awareness can also be 97 these are not his 3 greatest stats just the 3 fundamental qb stats.

Face of the franchise is better than their previous narrative modes, but not by far. I truly hated that your choices didn't matter. He always disrespects the player character, and you are forced to become buddy buddy with him no matter what. I like how going to college arrived with a name change into College Player, pretty cool. Oh and also the Cheap Madden nfl 21 coins gameplay. Getting trapped on rookie is so boring. I needed to sim games following the first quarter, only playing on offense, because the game will never finish. And I don't know if it's a glitch, but one game forced me to play the entire game. I just tried to run across the field to kill clock. I didn't even touch the control on protection. It only auto played. Game ended 100-0. It literally played itself. Rookie mode is brain dead mode. Oh and also the heavily advertised combine? It's just the 40 plus a pitching drill. (For QB and WR, not certain about running back). And the 40 is just 3 quick time switches, which do not affect anything as long as you hit them.