OSRS Druidic Ritual Guide

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The Druidic Ritual quest is usually a short, novice OSRS mission to help the Druids restore the circle in Varrock.

Druidic Ritual is usually a quest that supplies you with an adventure to profit the Druids found north of Taverley. You will have to help them make potions to help them get in touch with Varrock South. There are a few requirements of note beforehand, so have your Cheap OSRS Gold and meats ready when necessary.

To begin, visit the stone circle for the north of Taverley and talk with Kaqemeex. Here you will likely be told the stone circle near Varrock once are part of them until it had been occupied with the dark wizards. From here, you will likely be told to go over to Sanfew and talk with him.

Back towards the south, you can find an octagonal-shaped Herblore shop, and you'll discover Sanfew upstairs. Inform Sanfew you were told to help you out using the ritual which purifies Varrock's stone circle. To do so, you are going to be told you should put raw rat meat, raw beef, raw chicken, and raw bear meat to the Cauldronto advance.

Your best option is to give your OSRS gold with the Grand Exchange of these OSRS items. If not, teleport to Varrock and head east. Around the mine areas, you will discover a giant rat and also a bear on the south. Keep going south towards Lumbridge which you could kill a chicken and also a cow inside the pasture. These can be also found nearby the south entrance to Falador too in the event you don't desire to take the previous route.

Although it is only a small task, you can still Buy Old School Runescape Gold to make the task better. After completing the OSRS Druidic Ritual mission, you will get four mission points. It will also give you permission to use Herblore skills and provide you with 250 Herblore XP. It will also outline the need to complete the Job Journey, Eadgar's Rose, and Jungle Potion.

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