Classification Of China Custom Skateboards

In fact, the rules for playing China Inflatable Paddle Boards and working skis are roughly the same.



The rules for playing snowboards and snowboards in ski resorts are common sense skiers need to know. In fact, the rules for playing China Inflatable Paddle Boards and working skis are roughly the same.

The ten principles of skier behavior rules. Almost every ski resort has such broadcasts or posters, which are equivalent to the traffic rules on the ski slopes. Because skiing skills are relatively special, you need to wear special equipment to glide on the designated venues. It is inevitable that accidents will occur. Falling or collisions are possible. In order to minimize and prevent accidents, regardless of whether you are playing snowboards, single or double boards, The following principles must be observed.

1. Every skier must follow and not behave that will hurt or cause others to be injured.

2. Every skier should also let his sliding within his controllable range. The speed and method of taxiing do not affect other people. Choose the method of taxiing according to the terrain, weather and the density of the number of people on the snow field.

Third, the skier behind must choose a gliding route that does not endanger the skier in front.

Fourth, the rear skier must keep a sufficient distance to surpass the front skier.

5. When the skier rests on the piste to start sliding again, or climbs up the slope, he must ensure that he does not endanger others or hurt himself.

6. When skiers are sliding on the piste, they must not stop in the middle of the piste, the track, the narrow piste and the place where the line of sight is easily blocked, and they must pass as soon as possible.

7. When walking on the ski trail, walk on both sides of the ski trail.

8. Skiers should pay enough attention to warning and prohibition signs after entering the ski resort.

9. In the event of an accident, every skier has the obligation to help the injured.

10. In the event of an accident in China Custom Skateboards Company, skiers or witnesses, regardless of whether they are responsible, should contact the ambulance staff at the ski resort as soon as possible and leave their contact information.