Safe Selection Of Children's Bib

Children's bib is probably used from the baby's salivation or four months, and will be used all the way, depending on the baby's personality, habits, and temper.


Children's bib is probably used from the baby's salivation or four months, and will be used all the way, depending on the baby's personality, habits, and temper. Seriously, choosing Children's bib is something I learned after becoming a mother! Did everyone find out? Picking Children's bib is really a big subject. It's not as simple as you think, agree with raising your hand.

Let me talk to you about the baby drooling, commonly known as drooling. According to custom, when the baby reaches four months of age, there will be a "doing April day" ceremony. The grandmother’s house will send the baby to “salivate” because the baby is most prone to drooling during the teething period. The former is dry; the mother will begin to make handmade biscuits or doughnuts, string them with a red thread, and then hang them around her baby's neck, and then let the elders in the family do the salivation ceremony for the baby and say auspicious words.

Of course, these words are to bless the baby and hope that the baby's saliva will be less and less. But our family did not hold a salivation ceremony for the children. Because I know that it is normal for children to have teeth and drool during this period. Agree with raising your hand, believe it or not, it’s up to you to decide!

Speaking of so much, many mothers will definitely wonder why their babies will drool so much during this period?

In fact, it is because the baby is preparing to enter the stage of complementary food and teething. The professional way of saying it should be: the baby’s salivary glands are more and more mature, so the secretion is more and more developed, so the baby is about 4-6 months old. At times, the baby's saliva secretion will also increase.

Because of the flood of saliva, there will be a lot of moms and dads who think it will be bad for the baby to keep drooling like this? In fact, mom and dad don’t have to worry too much! Because drooling actually has many positive effects!

  1. It can clean and prevent tooth decay.
  2. It is the best digestive enzyme.
  3. It can also lubricate and protect the oral cavity, avoid gastric acid from irritating the esophagus and protect the digestive tract.
  4. The final point is that it can assist in the development of swallowing ability.

Although drooling has so many benefits, if mom and dad don’t pay attention to it, the non-stop state of saliva will cause inflammation and infiltration of the skin around the baby’s lips (the so-called saliva rash) and a large amount of saliva overflowing to the folds of the neck Cause inflammation and other conditions, then parents will be advised, this is the best time for baby bibs to intervene. From this period onwards, baby bibs will be worn to protect their skin and wipe them immediately. .

Come down here to talk to everyone about how to choose a baby bib? Before choosing, you must know the use of baby bibs, and you should choose baby bibs suitable for your baby for different growth stages!