Which types of face mask are now recommended for everyday use in France

Which types of face mask are now recommended for everyday use in France


Which types of face mask are now recommended for everyday use in France

France's health advisory council (Haute Conseil de la Santé Publique HCPS) has amended its advice to the public for wearing protective face masks, saying that most types of fabric mask do not offer sufficient protection.To get more news about quality type IIR mask company, you can visit tnkme.com official website.

Face masks are compulsory in all indoor public spaces in France, as well as in the street in 400 towns and cities. If you are caught without one, of wearing one without it fully covering your mouth and nose, you face a €135 fine.

However currently there is not rule on the type of mask, only that it must fully cover your mouth and nose, and the guidance given below remains, for the moment, advice only.These are still recommendations at the stage, but the Council's recommendation is to wear a category 1 mask, rather than a category 2.

Category 2 masks are those that have been proved to filter more than 70 percent. Known as masques du grand public (masks for the general public) these are most cloth masks and were the ones advised to the general public last spring, and remain common.

Category 1 masks are those that filter more than 90 percent of particles. This includes the FFP2 filter masks, the blue single-use surgical masks and certain types of fabric masks that meet specifications. The issue with fabric masks is that most are made in France, rather than imported, and a lot do not display filtration levels allowing you to know which category they fall in.

Didier Lepelletier of the HCPS said everyone now should opt for category 1 masks.

He advised against purchasing FFP2 masks – the most protective ones – as these are difficult to wear right and lose efficiency when worn wrong. Health staff, who use these masks, are trained in how to wear them correctly.

Commenting on the new advice, several health experts also told BFMTV that it is much better to wear a fabric mask than to incorrectly wear an FFP2 mask.