How To Extend The Service Life Of Vegetable Drying Equipment

Freeze Dry Machine is a kind of equipment for drying.


Freeze Dry Machine is a kind of equipment for drying. However, the method used by the freeze dryer is vacuum freeze-drying. This method does not have the usual drying method that will cause the material to be dried to cause unavoidable harm. It can well protect the material being dried.

Freeze dryer is a product very suitable for user needs. Everyone knows one thing, that is, if you want to dry the material, it should be directly exposed to the sun, or it should be air-dried, and there are spray dryers, vacuum dryers, etc. These are basically dry. Available methods. However, the usual drying methods are generally operated above 0 degrees, and the products obtained after drying will usually become hard and the volume is reduced. In addition, the highly volatile nutrients contained in the dried material usually evaporate, and even some materials are likely to undergo oxidation reactions. Therefore, in some cases, such a drying method is basically unsuitable. In this case, a freeze dryer is required.

In the fields of food and medical institutions, the use of freeze dryers is relatively common. Compared with the freeze dryer industry, to increase the life of freeze dryer materials, of course, can help the freeze dryer industry reduce costs. By asking the employees of the freeze dryer manufacturer, you can get some tips for extending the life of the freeze dryer and provide it to everyone.

The following three methods can be used to extend the life of Vegetable Drying Equipment:

  1. Familiar with the operation instructions of the freeze dryer. Before the first use of the freeze dryer, it is necessary to arrange employee training and use standards, and strict requirements for the use of standardized operations, so as to prevent mechanical errors from operating errors.
  2. Always check the operation of the freeze dryer. On the one hand, it is necessary to check whether the surface of the freeze dryer is cleaned, and clean impurities or stains as early as possible. On the other hand, freeze dryers must be regularly inspected and cared for, especially for early derusting.
  3. Pay attention to the main parameters of the freeze dryer. As long as the parameter value is abnormal, the fault needs to be resolved as soon as possible. When necessary, the application of freeze dryer manufacturers give technical guidance.