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And then the visitor goes to Kiev and was never there. Many people feel good or bad that they don't even notice, I don't know. Kiyv is not easy. You really have to conquer the city if you want to feel it, really, I mean.

Immerse yourself, feel, take the city, conquer it, it takes courage. Even more without knowledge of French. But the city recognizes you. This is especially the case in Kiev. Many will remain strangers forever. Live far outside because it's cheaper or the companies book the hotels there.

Take your money and pay a little more and throw yourself into life, every Ukrainian has their own corners, favorite cafes and neighborhoods. The area around Krechatik is full of students, but above all it impresses with its buildings, city villas and probably the most beautiful square in Kiev, the “Maidan”.

One thing is clear, for Kiev you need money and even more you need the feeling, the knowledge, for the right “how do I move around the city”. Overdressed in certain neighborhoods, in certain pubs, where Kievans wear cool and casual chic, everything in its time. The neighborhood has to fit. To yourself.

If you have to save and are on the go as a backpacker, you will find your way and places safely, especially in summer it is easy to meet. But the business traveler who stays outside and comes into town without preparation will leave town without any special Ukraine escort experiences. Ukraine is like a beautiful lady, she deserves good preparation, neighborhoods, bars, restaurants, galleries - you get information, prepare and honor the city. As it should be.

Have you ever looked at the Louvre from an erotic point of view?
Try it out!
Then the Da Vinci Code becomes EROTIC CODE of KIEV

Cour Carrée du Louvre with its many winding corners
and its imposing pillars, hide in a niche behind it
heart pounding with anticipation ... what would happen next.

Your eyes closed, you can feel the cold wall behind you
your hands feel their way along the column.
Surrounded by monumental buildings and you stand in between
the statues look down on you.

It's getting late, only the lanterns are bright
a gentle breeze lifts your dress a little.
You feel this warm air between your excited thighs
and at the same time the coldness of the wall against which your back is leaned.

You are enjoying this moment with your eyes still closed
but you know that HE is near you ... only where?