Next generation NBA 2K21: This city will not include WNBA MyPlayers

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We have learned a lot about the next generation version of NBA 2K21. This includes major news about the WNBA franchise and the creation features unique to the next-generation version of MyPlayer. A few days ago, we knew the details of NBA 2K21 The City, but it only contained male MyPlayers. If you want to get these MyPlayers in the first time, you can choose to buy NBA 2K21 MT.

The NBA 2K21 next-generation city experience will not be available for WNBA MyPlayers. According to COGConnected, the executive producer of 2K21 at Visual Concepts, Erick Boenisch recently discussed next-generation features with PowerUp Gaming. When asked which mode WNBA MyPlayers will join, he mentioned that from a gameplay perspective, they are separate from MyPlayers created by men. "This is separate. W has its own online component, and you can play online against other MyPlayers created by WNBA." Boenisch said.

2K released a trailer for the WNBA MyPlayer feature in NBA 2K21 Next-Gen described by Candace Parker. It allows gamers to bring MyPlayer through career mode, or play TheW in 3-vs-3 games with other MyPlayers. The official trailer for The City arrived last week (pictured below) and shows the expectations of the expanded online community. This includes the return of 2K membership and many other important functions on the map. With the arrival of the new version of 2K21, this experience should only continue to improve on the next generation of game consoles.

The absence of female MyPlayers is undoubtedly an obvious mistake, but it is likely to be corrected. It seems that all MyPlayers should be able to experience "City", which is likely to be achieved in NBA 2K22. In other words, WNBA MyPlayers with customized features will take a while. The next generation version will also have the WNBA franchise model, and the emphasis on the league is more important than ever.

NBA 2K21 Next-Gen will be released on Xbox Series X/S on November 10th and PS5 on November 12th. At that time, GameMS will also release the latest NBA 2K21 MT with the next generation of game consoles, so that you can buy 2K MT as soon as possible.