How to enjoy the fun of New World?

The economic system of Amazon New World revolves around New World Coins.


In order to play Amazon New World well, up to five members form a group, and then join one of the three factions, namely the Predator, Syndicate, and Covenant. Players need to use node resources, craft items, control settlements, explore, explore the world, or fight other players or monsters. The gameplay does not involve automatic locking of the target and attack, and a stable aiming hand is required. At each level, they program hostile creatures into more complex and powerful attack behavior skill sequences, which will require players to use their mana, stamina, and health for timed attacks, dodge, weapon block, retreat, or crawl stealth. Players can also spend some New World Coins to buy stronger weapons and equipment.

Players’ characters must increase their personal attribute skills. Weapons and trade skills also need to be upgraded. It divided trade skills into three categories: making, refining and gathering. There are three fast travel methods. Even if there is no fast mount available, there is a set of skills for intermittent speed improvement. Players can choose to avoid or climb most environmental objects or use the rod of life to travel through large air spaces. The economic system of Amazon New World revolves around New World Coins. Traders can process unnecessary items between players for gold coins.

They can dismantle Cheap New World Coins to get resources, discard them in unsafe places, or transfer them directly to other players. The dead characters in the game will not drop items, but every time the player encounters, uses, or dies in battle, the player’s items will be damaged. PvP combat is provided by game mechanics, regardless of whether there is a mission. Before leaving the settlement in the safe zone, the player can choose whether to set a “marked state”, which is activated after leaving the settlement, and then a cooldown period.

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