All About Maine: Acadia National Park

If you are Nature Lover then the best place in the world for you to visit is Maine: Acadia National Park. Full of adventure and enjoyments. Visit Maine and explore.


Acadia National Park protects a stretch of Maine's coast where the north woods meet the ocean. It is one of the most visited parks in the country. Mount Desert Island, with minuscule pieces on smaller islands and the mainland, is located east of the Mississippi River. For decades, it's been a place where New Englanders have learned to appreciate the state's wild side.

Acadia National Park is the nation's first site and the easternmost national park in the United States to watch the sunrise every day. It is named after the French people who were evicted from Atlantic Canada by the British. If you are planning to visit the place, book your tickets with American Airlines. Because you get to cancel your tickets with American Airlines cancellation policy with easy steps, also, you might get your money back if your tickets are refundable.

Bar Harbor began as a colonial fishing community and evolved into a Victorian-era retreat for the wealthy, artists, and "rusticators" seeking a return to nature. With whale-watching and sailing tours, lobster shacks, and hotels, the park’s major tourist center is now the island town.

The Bar Island Land Bridge can be walked to a tiny part of Bar Island's national park at low tide. Throughout the summer, a passenger boat runs between Bar Harbor and Winter Harbor, stopping at the park's Schoodic Peninsula. And it's diverse, and it's near Bar Harbor's Village Green. Another excellent collection in Bar Harbor is the Dorr Museum of Natural History at the College of the Atlantic, which has displays of Maine wildlife and touch pools with lively sea creatures.

Many of the park's major attractions are within easy driving distance of Bar Harbor, including the Hulls Cove Visitor Center, which serves as the starting point for Acadia's picturesque Park Loop Road, a 27-mile circuit that includes a strenuous climb to the summit of Cadillac Mountain. Hiking from town to the 1,530-foot top (through multiple paths) provides a panoramic view of the park and adjacent islands. The park's Sieur de Monts section, located just south of town, is home to the Wild Gardens of Acadia, the park's Nature Center, and an earlier branch of the Abbe Museum.

How to Get to Acadia National Park

If you're traveling to Maine and want to visit Acadia Park, you'll most likely be landing in Portland or Bangor. Flights to Maine are generally pricey, so flying to Portland and driving from there to Bar Harbor would be a better deal (the biggest town near the park).

What to See in Acadia National Park?

Acadia National Park, like all national parks, is brimming with natural wonders. The best way to see them is to drive the Park Loop Road, which allows you to easily stop and park at each one. The following are some of the main attractions in Acadia National Park:

  • Park Loop Road — A must-drive is the 27-mile Park Loop Road. This path takes you by practically all of Acadia's other major attractions.
  • Sand Beach - A intriguing geologic feature is this odd sand beach. While you won't be able to sunbathe on this beach, it is a picturesque setting.
  • Cadillac Mountain — In addition to being a fantastic place to stargaze, Cadillac Mountain is also an excellent place to visit during the day. There are routes of varying complexity as well as some spectacular views of the surrounding area.
  • Thunder Hole (Thunder Hole) – Thunder Hole, a submerged sea cave formed by wave action, creates a lot of noise in the hours leading up to high tide. This site can make quite a splash (literally!) if you time it just so.
  • Jordan Pond and The Bubbles - Jordan Pond is an inland body of water with stunning views of the surrounding mountains, particularly The Bubbles. Glacial erosion sculpted these two remarkable hills.
  • The Lighthouse on Bass Island — Bass Island Lighthouse, on Mount Desert Island's southernmost point, is a short drive beyond the Park Loop Road, but it offers the park's most beautiful view.

What to Do in Acadia National Park?

There's enough to do during the day in Acadia in between midnight stargazing sessions. Here's a quick list of the finest Acadia National Park activities:

  • Hiking - Acadia National Park has a variety of fantastic hikes for hikers of all abilities. The Jordan Cliffs, Precipice, or Valley Cove Trails are suitable for more advanced hikers, while Wonderland Trail, Jordan Pond Path, or Great Meadow Trail are suitable for less experienced hikers. On the official Acadia webpage, the National Park Service always lists which trails are open.
  • Cycling — If you prefer to explore on two wheels, Acadia National Park's roadways are ideal. The Park Loop Road may be looped for a total of 27 miles.
  • Sailing/Boating - Kayaking is possible in several of Acadia National Park's lakes and ponds. If you wish to go kayaking with more skill, there are also wonderful coastal routes and guides.
  • Wildlife Observation - Acadia and the waterways around are home to a variety of interesting wildlife that you won't find in your own backyard. Birdwatching, tide pooling, and wildlife watching off the shore are also popular activities. There's a chance you'll see otters, seabirds, or perhaps whales!
  • Climbing - There are a few decent climbing places in Acadia; the National Park Service maintains a page dedicated to the greatest climbing routes in the area.
  • Horseback Riding - Acadia boasts 45 miles of carriage roads excellent for horseback riding!
  • Ranger Programs — Unlike unprotected wilderness, where there are no stewards to teach you or educational programs about the land, Acadia has a plethora of Ranger Programs in the park on topics such as birds, coasts, and human history. The majority of these are also suitable for children.

Best time to visit Acadia National Park

In terms of weather, late spring and fall are the greatest times to visit Acadia National Park. It is, nevertheless, frequently congested. The two weeks following Labor Day in September until mid-September, just before the leaf-peeping throng come, are a less busy season with beautiful weather.

Can one see Northern Lights in Acadia National Park?

The northern lights can be seen in Acadia during the winter months! You'll need to go during the coldest, snowiest months of the year, such as December and January. Winters in Maine are bitterly cold.

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