Decision of the Central Leadership

Sharmila's struggle has been the nucleus of all protests against AFSPA in Manipur and the neighbouring north-eastern states.


She can walk also," Dr Laishram Deben, director of Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Medical Sciences Hospital, said. Manipur Congress president TN Haokip hailed Sharmila's decision to contest elections and said that the latter is a determined person who will sticks by her commitments.Sharmila's struggle has been the nucleus of all protests against AFSPA in Manipur and the neighbouring north-eastern states.

She said she will get AFSPA repealed once she wins the elections. She has now got bail on personal bond of Rs 10,000," Sharmila's lawyer L Vintage Edison Bulb Manufacturers Rebada Devi told reporters in Imphal.The Congress too hinted that the grand old party will welcome the iron lady of Manipur, if she wishes to join the political outfit.

Three days later, Sharmila embarked on her fast demanding revocation of AFSPA, which allows security men to even kill a person on suspicion without the fear of facing a trial in court." Sharmila also announced that she had ended her fast.Asked about her personal life, especially her decision to marry, Sharmila said it was a personal matter. “All those who joined electoral politics did so knowing well that it was a dead-end,” ASUK chairman N Oken and vice-chairman Ksh Lab Meitei said in a statement last week..The court is yet to give her release orders and till then Sharmila has been taken back to judicial custody.

Her becoming a part of Congress is a decision of the election committee. "The BJP welcomes everyone."Her condition is okay as she has been getting all nutrients. Once she takes a decision she will stand by it. We will welcome her if she wishes to join our party," Haokip said."I want to be the CM of Manipur," Sharmila said, breaking down as she addressed the media. But regarding tickets we I cannot ensure as it is a decision of the Central leadership," said Joykishan.On November 2, 2000, an Assam Rifles battalion had allegedly killed 10 civilians in a village near Imphal. Two other secessionist groups too have asked Sharmila to continue the fast.

Imphal: Manipur's 'Iron Lady' Irom Sharmila broke her 16-year-long fast on Tuesday, and pledged to join politics to continue her fight against the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA). I don't understand why some radical groups are against me wanting to get into politics.During the hearing, her lawyer said Sharmila appealed before the court to set her free because she wants to break her fast. "I will contest against the chief minister of Manipur in the upcoming state elections," she said.Her counsel said during the hearing the court examined two witnesses and fixed August 23 as the next date of hearing.

Doctors attending Sharmila said she might have to be kept on a liquid diet for the next few days as her body might not be able to digest solid food all of a sudden. She has to start slowly and gradually in small quantities," they said. "We know she is a very determined and committed person.A fortnight ago, she had announced that she will break her fast on August 9, join politics and also get married. if she wants to join our party we will not deny her admission. "The court examined two witnesses.Speaking to the media in Imphal, an emotional Sharmila said, "I want to join politics as I've been called the Iron lady of Manipur, and I want to live up to that name.The group demands sovereign Manipur.

However, Sharmila has also received threats from radical groups in the state if she contests elections and marries a non-Manipuri.Sharmila got bail on Tuesday from a court in Imphal after she promised the magistrate to break her 16-year-old fast against AFSPA.The iconic rights activist has been forcibly fed through a nasal tube since 2000 to keep her alive at a prison-turned-hospital in Imphal.The secessionist group 'Alliance for Socialist Unity Kangleipak' on August 5 said that "some former revolutionary leaders were assassinated" after moving away from the cause and participating in public life."I don't want to be seen as an icon, just as an equal human being with all the feelings of human beings," she said. She also refused the need for security cover. "A person who has not eaten solid food for 16 years cannot start it suddenly.

I want to try a different agitation now,"Sharmila told the media outside the courtroom today.The 44-year-old iconic rights activist was forcibly fed through a nasal tube since 2000 to keep her alive at a prison-turned-hospital.Sharmila has already got offers from BJP and the Congress to join their respective parties. "I have been fasting for the past 16 years, I am ending my fast today.

The Bharatiya Janata Party on Tuesday said that it will welcome activist Irom Sharmila if she wants to join the saffron party. BJP leader KH Joykishan said that Sharmila contesting elections from a BJP ticket is a decision which is to be considered by the central leadership of the party.