This was my first log-in in more than three years

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What kind of equipment is it? Rune 2h? In full force, I assume (because I sort of possess 42 defense... actually I'm trying to calibrate to RS gold those who don't know. Yeah I'm bad at this whole "knowing my own statistics" thing. Are ranges a viable way to train defense or is it not effective? Is it possible to explain how the EoC works in depth? Can "afk" and "minimum attention training" still be possible (although it's not very efficient, I'm sure) Do I need to use abilities to fight? Wow! I feel like such novice.

The majority of "special attacks" are gone, which is why many items crashed. Dclaws for instance has gone from 13m to 500k. All weapons now have tiered stats. The long rune now has the same stats that rune sword. Only dif (slash vs. stabbing) is used to determine if two-handed weps are 150% more damage than 1h weps. Weps with one hand can now be used as the "off-hand" variant that permits users to "dual weild” 2 weps at once. Dual weilding, also referred to as p2p, is only available with F2P.

All armour of lvl 50 has the same stats, and it is tied. There are 3 classes to armour: range, mage, and melee. Tier 50 armour, rune batwing, blue dhide. All have the identical stats. They are just different classes. A person who ranges the rune of a man will have the exact DPS stats as someone who is a mage. There were many things that got changed or nerfed. Deadly red Spiders provided over 200k xp per hour P2P in 90+cmb statistics.

It's been improved. Pking goes beyond just a click atk-food-repeat until u end up dying. It requires precision, timing and reflexes, as well as skill, timing timing, precision and prediction. A man in bronze that is skilled and knowledgeable could outdo a person who does not.

This was my first log-in in more than three years. I am amazed at how much the game's changed. While I quit the game in 2008, I subsequently moved into CSS. But I can't think about this game and not remember all the great moments I shared with fellow players. It's amazing to observe the changes in people and the game as time passes. ).

There are so many differences between the game, the players, and the overall experience. I was shocked by the absence of clan chat. What is the story? It's amazing to think about how this change can happen. But even if I wasn't there for all of the time, it wouldn't have occurred to me as much. I think this can be explained by the single posting I made in my profile. It's a totally different place and atmosphere than what you're used to.

But apart from the rambling introduction, I was curious to know if anyone could clarify the fundamental mechanics of the game. What OSRS buy gold are the major changes to the game other than EoC? Are there any other lands/areas/cities they have added?