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Path of Exile’s latest league, Heist, includes a brand new endgame event for players to start. These robbers provide a lot of POE Currency for those who can bravely face the overthrown guards. Since the enemies tied to Contracts and Grand Heists are so tough, many players are looking for buildings that can cause a lot of damage and receive the same punishment. This is an excellent construction method that players can try in the Heist, League in Path of Exile.

Venom Blade Vortex Assassin
The blade vortex is a wonderful spell that can quickly strike targets around the player. Since the attack is so fast, it is a perfect skill to use with the Assassin. Since the assassin can stack poison to a ridiculous level, once the player has good equipment and gem links, this framework has a lot of single-target potential. Although this version has top-notch clearance speed and enough room for upgrades, it is difficult to start or upgrade the league.

Archmage Ball Lightning
Although Ball Lightning became neurotic in 3.12, when combined with Archmage, its damage output is still so crazy that it is still a top build. The working principle of this building is to obtain a forbidden mana bottle and drink as much as possible. After a few seconds, the player will repeatedly gain thousands of mana points per second, causing the archmage to consume all the player's mana, thus gaining millions of damage per second.

Aurastacking ethereal knife
Aurastacking is one of the most powerful mechanisms in the path of exile and can only be consistent due to the expensive route of travel. Players must focus on gaining reduced mana reserves and increasing the aura effect of their equipment. Fortunately, clustered jewels can provide a halo effect, and both items and jewels can provide mana reserves.

Most players choose Ethereal Knives because of its very fast removal speed. The best improvement of this building is that the Necromancer increases the attack speed and casting speed of each aura, while the Ascender combines the characteristics of the Necromancer and the Guardian. No matter which way you choose, this version is one of the cruelest and highest DPS versions in the game. Unfortunately, this build requires 50 to 100 Exalts to actually start. If players can Buy POE Currency to fund the construction, then preparations are almost unstoppable.