The Iron Skyreaver is a normal mount made

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There are other mounts of raid which I didn't list, like Glacial Tidestorm from mythic Jaina that is a reskin of the shaman mount Ny'alotha WOW Classic TBC Gold Allseer, from mythical N'Zoth which is simply another reskinned jellyfish mount.

The definition of "reskin". It's based on what you want to convey by "reskin".

Archimonde's Felsteel Anihilator is the only mythical mount I recall being "original at the time". The Sylvanas mythic mount is also a different type.

Recolours usually refer to swapping of textures. I'm not sure as the meaning goes. It's definitely easier to recolour than everything else you can imagine, all you have to do is to utilize a slider to change the colors on it and call it an evening.

This is why it's so disconcerting to see so many armours just being recoloured. It is possible to put an intern on that and they'd probably be okay. Recolors must be available to all slider players.

Yes, I was not sure what a recolour might be. make an actual skin. Reskins were always a part of my understanding of animations but with a completely different style. A recolour, however, is an recolour.

The truth is that LFR normal, heroic and LFR are all the same set but with different colour schemes but it's the mythic set (and certain pieces of it) that is distinct.

Reskin is a skin which uses the same skeleton but is placed on top of a layer. If the adjustments to the skin aren't excessively severe, these can almost appear to be the same as Recolors. They may also include additional bits and bits.

The Iron Skyreaver is a normal mount made of rylak, but it has some (extremely loud) jet thrusters to its wings and bits of armor. This is it's a remake.

Recolor is the name given to the difference between the Black Drake mount (10 Sarth) or the Bronze Drake mount (10 CoS). In addition to the color, the model and skin appear similar. Experiment 12B is an recoloring of the original drake mount.

While technically Wind Steed is an Horseman's Steed reskin The designers have put enough effort into it to make it appear and feel different. While the Legion Paladin Charger is much more similar to the Horseman's Steed that buy WOW TBC Gold it feels a lot more similar, though still different enough to be more than just an recolor.