Simple ways to memorize science terminologies

Simple ways to memorize science terminologies


Science students feel that the terminologies of science are different from other disciplines. They are complicated and tough to remember and there are many chances that one can forget them easily. 

However, here are some extraordinary ways that will encourage you to keep aside all your worries and learn the terms with enthusiasm and interest. So tighten your belts to learn something fascinating. Well, this will aid you in assignment help services at affordable prices.

So let's not wait and search for the wonderful tricks that will be valuable for us to ace the academics


  • Connect the words with reality 


Science must be learned through practice and practice. Real-life learning is the basis of science subjects. And a student should connect the terminologies of science with their outside environment. 

For example, when you learn reflection, you must connect that with the mirror activities. Such as when you see yourself in the mirror or while driving a car. Reflection means introspection that is seeing the objects as they are. 


  • Break the terms 


The terminologies in science disciplines are made after combining the words that resemble the particular object or process. So it would be better if you break the long term into sections and find the meaning of each part that will result in defining the particular term for you. Hence you don't need to fear of study help me. 

For example, if we try to interpret the meaning of a microscope. We will break it into micro and scope. Micro means small and scope means related to see. Hereby, both the words will combine to signify that microscope is a device used to see small objects. 


  • Focus upon the origin 


The nomenclature of any discovery is done based on its origin or the person who invented it. So focus upon the origin of the word. Is it out from Latin or Greek or anywhere else? This process will help you learn them more correctly.

There are lots of ways that can help with homework. Taking an example, if we study the word morphology. This originates from Latin, in that Morpho meaning form and logy means study. That will help you to figure out that it means the study of the outer form. 


  • Learn some twisty tricks 


Science seems a little difficult for those who don't know it, but those who understand it exactly infer how to make it fun and interesting. Ask such persons, and you will get to know that science terms have a very unique way of learning. You guess how? Let's see. 

Suppose, you want to read up the periodic table. For that, there are codes available to learn the elements of a particular group. For example, group 14 that consists of Carbon, Silicon, Germanium, Tin, and Lead has a unique code. The students learn that as Chemistry Sir Gives Stun Problems. Well, there are multiple other tricks to let you learn effectively. 


  • Develop Stories 


Yes, that sounds a little weird for science, but this is the best way to learn the scientific laws also. Developing stories to learn is the best way to opt for, it helps you to memorize things for a longer time. 

Let me tell you an example if you want to learn Newton's laws of motion. The story that has been developed goes that a boy kicks a goat first, it doesn't respond. Then he kicks one more time and the goat produced the 'Ma' sound. Another time when he pushes it, it kicked the boy back. This will notify you that an object remains to rest until an external force applied to it, then Force =ma and every action has an equal and opposite reaction from the incidents mentioned above respectively. 


  • Prefix and suffix must be reviewed 


The prefix and suffix in science are always added and if a student cracks how to research them then he will never forget that in life. 

For example, if we learn that homo means the same and it is always used as a prefix, then you will figure out that homologous organs mean that have the same thing and a homogenous mixture means having the same components. 

Well, it is obvious if you comprehend the way and techniques of learning the tough terminologies of science, no one can stop you to clear your basics. The meaning will be at your tips. Additionally, this will also assist you in paper writing services and will surely say, study help me out.

So, let's gear up to learn something new and do our best.