Madden 21 will start a scary project on Halloween

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Madden 21's most feared project will be officially launched in the upcoming Halloween season. Starting on Friday, October 23, we will first understand which players will join the first part of the plan. It will be Madden 21 Most Feared Scary Sharp, which includes Russell Wilson, Cameron Jordan, and Adam Thielen. Players can go to GameMS to Buy MUT 21 Coins, and then come back to buy these players.

Madden 21's most terrifying sharp master
Before the Twitch live broadcast on Thursday night, gamers had already seen one of Madden 21's scariest sharp masters. It was Troy Polamalu, the defensive general of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Before the unveiling show on Thursday night, he was exposed in the trailer for "Most Feared". Another master player is Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson , who recently joined the Madden 99 club. Like Boramaru, Wilson will also receive an overall score of 92 points. His attributes include 92 depth accuracy, 91 running positions, 91 short distance accuracy and 90 pressure throws.

The total number of scary and sharp heroes in Madden 21 is 90, Adam Thielen and Lavonte David. Thielen has 91 spectacular catches, 90 catches, 89 sprints, 88 catches and 88 speeds. David's cards include 90 game recognitions, 89 offenses, 87 hits, 85 blocks and 85 power.

Other player items available in MUT promotion
The card above is the best in the first stage of this MUT promotion. However, on Friday there will be many other player cards appearing as part of "Madden 21 Most Feared Scary Sharp". They will include the 85 and 87 OVR players shown below, such as LOLB Kyle Van Noy and cornerback Malcolm Butler. Players in the 70 to 83 OVR range also include Kevin Pierre-Louis, Rodney McLeod Jr., Tony Alsau and Bengals rookie QB Joe Burrow. These special players will be useful in exchanging suits to get players with higher ratings. Some MUT players may even choose to use them in their lineup.

In addition to new player items, "Madden 21's Most Fearful Horror Sharpness" also brings other content. These include new challenges, including escape from Jakenstein Castle, new store offers, new house rules and new currencies. Players can also complete new challenges to get a lot of Madden Coins.