The three worst-designed Gigantamax forms in Pokemon Sword and Shield

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The Pokemon series starts from the sixth generation, and each new generation contains a gimmick. Regardless of the generation, you can buy Gigantamax Pokemon on PKMBuy. The sixth-generation has Mega Evolutions, the seventh generation has Z-Moves, and the eighth generation has Dynamax. But Dynamax is the most divergent of these three products, and some people think it should be the one that is most easily discarded.

However, some Pokemon have a special quality called the Gigantamax factor. Currently, there are 32 Pokemon species in Pokemon Sword and Shield that have the Gigantamax factor. Although some of them have become truly enhanced and unique forms, others have many shortcomings. Let's take a look at the worst of them.

1. Worst: Charizard
As one of the most popular Pokemon, the Charizard is undoubtedly a fan's favorite. It keeps appearing in prominent roles, even the ace of champion Leon. After acquiring two Mega Evolutions in the sixth generation, Charizard also acquired the Gigantamax form in the Sword and Shield.

However, it is one of the most crappy. Charizard remained unchanged, the only obvious change was that its wings became flames. This is a cool idea, and the execution is very effective, but considering that the entire concept of other Pokemon has changed quite a lot, Charizard's Gingantamax is not enough.

2. Worst: Hatterene
Hatterene is one of the strangest and most confusing designs in Galarian Pokemon. The hair and pale skirt completely covered its seemingly weak body, making it look like a typical witch. Its normal form is very attractive, and it deserves the Gigantamax form. But the result is disappointing.

Like the Charizard, Hatterene remains largely unchanged. Long hair becomes longer, and the shape of the hat on the head also changes, becoming more voluminous. Gigantamax Hatterene is known as the "Raging Goddess", so it is even more disappointing to waste such a cool nickname on such a standard design.

3. Worst: Garbodor
Garbodor is one of the most unpopular Pokemon, and it has not won any new fans in its impressive Gigantamax form. When the fifth generation was first introduced, many people complained about Garbodor's design. It is a pile of garbage coming out of a broken bag, and fans consider it to be one of the worst designs in the entire series.

Gigantamax Garbodor is a bigger garbage dump. Discarded toys appeared around its body, including a small ship, a car, an airplane, a Poke Doll, and a master ball. A fish skeleton and a train. Garbodor is Oleana's ace Pokemon, but even she can't make this design interesting.

What is your opinion on the worst form mentioned above? Welcome everyone to let us know in the comments section below. In addition, our website PKMBuy will update you with the latest Pokemon in time to ensure that everyone can Buy Gigantamax Pokemon as soon as possible.