Adapters Wholesalers Introduces How To Install Hose Joints

Adapters Wholesalers introduces how to install hose connectors:



Adapters Wholesalers introduces how to install hose connectors:

1. Before using acid detergent to clean the pipe, it is necessary to clean up the remaining welding slag, stains, varnish and other substances on it to avoid chemical reactions that may cause unnecessary damage to the pipe and affect future use.

2. In order to ensure the normal use of hose joints, special protection is required. Whether in the process of transportation, disassembly, or pickling, it is very likely not to damage the threads, pipes, and sealing surfaces. The best way is to use tape for sealing.

3. Do not play with each thread of the hose connector, and need to use acid-resistant plastic or rubber belts for protection. Or after washing directly with water, apply dry oil to the thread position first, and then put it in an acid solution to remove rust spots.

4. In the process of cleaning the pipe, pay special attention to the marks on the pipe to protect the integrity of the marks as much as possible. And before pickling is used, all welding tasks must be done. At the same time, in daily life, you also need to pay attention to the necessary protection of the hose.