Arcane pulse necklace is awful with 5% damage magic?

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Jagex What's next? Superheat-All? Clean-All herbs for up to 1 tick per herb Are there any AlchX products available? If it's not broken, fix it until it fails. What is the solution to this problem An easy solution to this problem could be to RS gold toggle between Automatic and Manual for certain kinds of skilling that require repeated clicking. Certain players prefer slow XP and others prefer to work harder.

A lot of us have been attracted to the Daemonheim rewards of dungeoneering but some are not worth the tokens. Some are just too weak, while some are way too expensive and require an enormous amount of time to find.

Arcane pulse necklace is awful with 5% damage magic? This boosts the maximum damage of a fire blast to 168. When are you going to ever hit that? How is this beneficial in any way? I'd rather have an enchanted mind bomb or magic amulet, which are so easier to obtain.

Arcane blast necklace 10 percent magic boost, again wizard mind Bomb this necklace brings fireblast to 176. But I've found it to cheap OSRS gold be unusable in PVP. If you die, which you will eventually get, all your 15k tokens will be lost. I for one will not be receiving any more 15k tokens.