The Set's Best Cards Of Pokémon TCG: Sword and Shield – Evolving Skies

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Pokemon TCG: Sword and Shield—Evolving Skies is the seventh expansion of the Pokemon Sword and Shield series, and reintroduces Dragon-types that has been absent for nearly two years into Pokemon TCG. Buy Shiny Pokemon For Sale on PKMBuy can help you achieve achievements in the game faster. In addition to this expansion focusing on Dragon-types, especially Rayquaza and Duraludon, Evolving Skies also focuses on Eevee and its evolution. Now let's take a look at the set's best cards in the Sword and Shield series.

Galarian Articuno: Just like the form of Urshifu, the new fighting style Legendaries won their first holo rares after being released as Ultra Rare, and the Chilling Reign Legendaries won their first holo rares in Evolving Skies after the release of their Ultra Rare. In this Pokemon TCG set, all three Galarian Birds have obtained holo rares.

Espeon V and VMAX: Many players like these two. The V is simple but very interesting. You can see Espeon bounding through the worm's eyes of the forest. Then, VMAX has the main magic cat vibe. The sleekness of the Espeon reminds people of the Oriental Shorthair breed, which has pointed ears and a thin body. Espeon exudes mystery and majesty in this card, not knowing that it somehow stands out in a series consisting almost entirely of excellent Pokemon cards.

This time the best card of the series is introduced here. Next time, the main part of the Pokemon TCG: Sword and Shield—Evolving Skies series will provide more cards. Please continue to pay attention to PKMBuy, we will continue to update you with the latest news about Sword and Shield and provide you the best price for your to Buy Pokemon.