Let me show you how to clean your bank of clutter

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It is required that Jagex as a professional business must examine their policies and ensure they implement dynamic filtering. They should set up an appropriate policy based on the current circumstances and update it every month or RS gold so. They should update their current policy. Because currently, it's not the ones that are most important to are heard, but those who shout loudest: whiners.

I was curious if you are having problems with the free-player account space. It is very annoying to discover pockets filled with things. And you don't want to let anything go and you're also doing your job.

I'm currently fine at the moment,(because sometimes I clear out my bank space.) What do you think? Maybe there should be a task to figure out how to get rid of your bank account space. Do you agree? Please don't say anything negative. There is no reason to be offended.

Let me show you how to clean your bank of clutter. Clean out the bank. Donate the items you don't wish to give away to other customers (which could also be beneficial) or just sell them. Depending on how messy your bank is, you can do this weekly or buy OSRS gold every month.