Best high pressure cleaners washers to do the dirty work for you

Best high pressure cleaners washers to do the dirty work for you


That’s why our patios, decks and pools areas often end up looking worse for wear - covered in so much dirt and grime their original colour is a distant memory.Get more news about high pressure machine,you can vist our website!

If you’ve ever stumbled across the part of the internet reserved for mesmerising cleaning videos, you’ll have discovered the miracle cleaning product that is a pressure washer as caked- on grime is washed away in satisfying seconds.
It’s a relatively simple piece of kit. A pressure washer pumps the water out of a small opening at high speed and the jet of water hits the ground with enough force to blast away dirt, grime, algae, moss and whatever mess your children and pets have left behind.


With prices starting from the low hundreds, pressure cleaners are more accessible than you might have thought – and they can make restoring your garden to a state of like-new cleanliness ridiculously easy (and, dare I say it, fun). We’ve rounded up our picks of the best-rated options below.
Featuring 1813 PSI of pressure and a powerful 1500W motor, the Bosch UniversalAquatek 125 makes cleaning light dirt effortless. (PSI stands for pounds per square inch and there is more information about this at the bottom of the article.)

The three-in-one nozzle has fan, rotary and pencil jet settings suitable for a variety of cleaning jobs, as well as a 450ml high-pressure detergent nozzle perfect for washing cars and stubborn dirt.

The design is fairly compact, with a telescopic handle that folds down to halve unit height to make storage easy.

It has a 4.4-star average rating, with one five star reviewer commenting “Have just finished washing my timber deck, concrete stairs and paved areas and it hasn’t missed a beat. All the areas were green with moss and hadn’t had a pressure clean for years. It was extremely satisfying seeing the green and brown disappear and the original colours shine through. For the price … you can’t go wrong”.
With smooth-running wheels and a six metre hose for manoeuvrability, a dirt blaster with a rotating point jet to tackle stubborn dirt, and a water filter to protect the pump, the K2 Full Control is easily one of the brand’s most popular models.

The Full Control Click Vario Power spray lance offers soft, medium, hard and detergent mix modes, the telescopic handle is retractable making storage easy, and the machine can clean up to 20 square metres per hour.

The machine has a 4.6-star average rating from well over 300 reviews, with one reviewer leaving five stars and writing “I had previously owned a Kärcher from about 40 years ago which was very heavy and difficult to manoeuvre. My new one is amazing – so light and easy to move around. Also does a really great cleaning job. Very compact and easy to operate and love that you can stow the accessories on-board. Patio attachment really cuts down the cleaning time”.
Ideal for cleaning moderate levels of dirt at a rate of 30 square metres per hour, the K4 Premium Full Control allows you to adjust pressure settings on the spray lance. You can also view your chosen settings on the LED display on the trigger gun for maximum control, and even switch to detergent mode without having to change the spray lance. The pressure washer has a low centre of gravity for improved stability, and the reel allows you to easily store the nine metre hose.

It boasts a 4.4-star average rating from more than 290 reviews. “A great product I would highly recommend for use at home and in the yard,” wrote one five-star reviewer. “Plenty of pressure for washing my driveway, yard and ride on mower! Easy to wheel around and roll up the hose as well.”