​Animal Crossing: The combination of New Horizons and TikTok

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Video game development is very challenging, especially for independent projects without any built-in viewers or followers. However, sometimes independent developers will dig a place in a way that has never been explored before. This is exactly the GameMechanic way for TikTok users and application designers who provide the Web 2.0 version.

The ACBellsBuy website will receive game updates as soon as possible, in addition to providing players with a selection of Buy ACNH Items at a reasonable price. There is also an official version that does news transmission. The platform's short videos have gained attention because of its currently unreleased games.

GameMechanic's project is called a fantasy game, a first-person action-adventure game with survival game elements. However, what makes GameMechanic's publicity particularly attractive may be that they list the three attributes as inspiration for your game. The three attributes are Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing, and Adventure Time, but it is not clear how these three attributes are combined to generate the items that GameMechanic has shown so far.

So far, the game mechanics video has been shared in his series of posts on making video games on TikTok. Each video shows a playable version of the role game project. It shows the best gameplay, similar to Minecraft or Rust. This time is another innovative change. Fortunately, the player's choice of Buy ACNH Items will always help the player's town construction. The game mechanics clip shows players cutting trees to place wood and mining boulders to obtain stones. Then they use their inventory to make waste docks, houses, and furniture.

The game mechanics video only adds some detailed functions. Although their presentation was ultimately very simple. But almost attracted more than 600,000 views of data. For example, Animal Crossing: In the new horizon, future gamers will have a system of interpersonal relationships, growth, and progress comparable to Harvest Moon. GameChemist may not have completed games to learn or sell. The new version launched will have a group of interested followers from TikTok who are eager to use the game for themselves.