At the end of my game session, today I went to

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This is everything I ever was looking for WOW Classic Burning Crusade Gold in any MMO I've played. I always looked for such things in WoW and, yes, there is very little social interaction, and little interaction with people. I've always wanted to play MMOs for the community and they're never able to meet my expectations. I'm still at level 18 I haven't left my starting city yet but I'm so eager. I'm excited to visit the big cities with lots of people.

the 1st 20 min in the game, i attended the first 20 minutes of this game at a concert with Ul adventure guild, and it was a total win for me. and now i realize it's possibly a bards program (1 month later) but i'm not worried this was a blast, I also went to an unintentional queen concert in Gridania in which 3 bards sat for 1 hours playing queen songs. It was amazing.

This is definitely something FFXIV is a master at. If I'm never performing a specific task in the game however, I'm not ready to log out just yet and I'm eating dinner before getting back into the queue, then I'll pop over to Limsa for a quick visit because there's always something going on.

One of my most memorable memories from the beginning was playing with some irl friends, and then catching up with a couple of other players who played in the game. Following that, we went to Costa del Sol and sat on the sand watching the sun rise, while telling stories and telling long jokes. While technically, we were doing almost nothing in game, it really stuck with me and was great fun. There aren't many other games I've experienced that do that.

At the end of my game session, today I went to Limsa like every other day. I was hugged by someone (cuz I'm so short) and they then liked my tank, and for the next couple of minutes we simply danced, and then left. This is not a rare occurrence when playing this game. It's very sweet.

LotRO is, in my opinion, the closest I've seen to any MMO that offers players as much involvement as FFXIV has. I had a couple of characters on Landroval that was their primary RP server, and the server hosting Weatherstock. There was nothing close to the day-to-day activities which I have seen on this site.

I am a complete newbie and novice. I have seen Paw's Paws or a different name for girls in a group playing instruments in cheap WOW TBC Gold an tavern. I thought they were non-players (it's difficult for me to tell the difference between players and non-players). But guess what? These were actual members of a band! Damn. I thought I heard an old tune but I was unable to discern it.