What attracts players in the New World beta

What attracts players in the New World beta


As we all know, those fans who pre-order Amazon to enter the MMO type have the opportunity to experience the game first on July 20th, because New World begins the closed beta on this day. Judging from the test results in the past two weeks, this test seems to Buy New World Coins be a success. The game has a peak concurrent player count of more than 200,000 users after its first release.

There are many things to like about New World and how it intends to add interest to the entire MMO genre. The transition from a career system to a weapon-based process is one of the key features that distinguishes New World from its contemporaries. When players use a particular weapon, they will upgrade it and gain new abilities in the process. But the player can switch to something new at any time.

This allows players to change their style of play and try new things without having to completely upgrade new characters. By being able to switch between two well-equipped loads, it can also benefit players in battle. The weapons in New World now seem to be relatively balanced, and providing a way to change at any time is a refreshing feature.

New World pays more attention to production than any of its competitors, and its execution is flawless. When you start playing the game, you will learn the basics of the production system, collecting materials, and the importance of having supplies. One of the keys to making in New World is that when it comes to player equipment, making is unnecessary. Players can easily buy New World Coins equipment from suppliers that are as good as what can be made or in some cases better.

In terms of visual effects, New World is far ahead of similar games. From the moment you jump into the world of Aeternum, you will be greeted by beautiful scenery and thoughtful enemy designs. As you move further into the lush part of Aeternum, the impressive design style is fully displayed and is definitely one of the highlights of the game.

In-game voice communication is another feature that is not common in MMO games but appears in New World. Players can start talking with people around through the microphone at any time. This proved to be helpful when trying to coordinate expedition groups or exchange battles in these modes. If you want to get a brand new upgrade experience from the game, then you should visit NewWorldCoins immediately to buy a lot of cheap New World Coins to quickly enhance your strength.