How do I access my Wells Fargo Credit card account?

Learn the quick and essential steps to access without interruptions. Make sure you follow the steps in order to avoid errors in the process.


If you have applied for the Wells Fargo Credit Card and you have received it already, then you may need to access your Wells Fargo credit card account to pay your bills. Paying your credit card bills is easy if you do this online. Thus, to conveniently pay your bills, it is a must that you log in to your account using the Wells Fargo login credentials. After accessing your account, you can activate your card, pay your bills, and check your pending payments.

So, in this article, we are going to learn the complete procedure of accessing our Wells Fargo Credit Card account. You can also enroll for an account in case you already have a Wells Fargo Credit card and you have not enrolled for the online bill payment facility. After you have registered for the Credit Card account, you can access it by following the simple instructions given below.

Steps to login to Wells Fargo credit card account

  1. First, open a secure browser on your device
  2. After this, go to the link-
  3. After tapping on this link, you will see the "Sign on" option
  4. Just tap on this option to open the login portal
  5. Here, you need to enter your Wells Fargo login credentials
  6. After verifying the details, tap on the "Sign on" button
  7. This shall allow you to navigate to the Credit Card page
  8. Now, you can check your bills and make payments for your card

In case you enter the incorrect Wells Fargo login details, you will be asked to enter your login username and password once again.


In case you have forgotten your Wells Fargo login details, then you need to recover your account to make any transactions, pay your bills, or enroll in the credit card account. To recover your account, you simply need to go to the login page and click on the "Forgot username/password" option and follow some easy steps.