Plus-size fashion for ladies

Plus-size fashion for ladiesPlus-size fashion for ladies


Plus-size fashion for ladies

finding a party-appropriate getup can be quite a conundrum for any woman. Sparkles and reflective material that dominate festive dressing have a tendency to pack on the pounds even for pint-sized individuals. So where does that leave curvy, full-figured ladies?Get more news about plus size trendy clothing for women,you can vist!

Even though the odds are unevenly stacked against the well-endowed at the onset, it isn't impossible to sift out a figure-flattering look or two – if you know what to look out for and, even more important, what to stay away from.

Here are some pointers that will help you nail down that confidence-boosting festive ensemble this year.You might have learnt by now that certain dress and skirt cuts tend to suit certain people better. For example, fit-and-flare dresses and skirts with a subtle A-line style will suit most plus-sized women.

You may even want to try a pencil skirt that is well-fitted but not body-hugging – pick one that is not so severely tapered towards the hem as the linear silhouette will flatter curvy figures better. Stay away from pencil skirts, however, if you are pear-shaped and bottom-heavy, as they will draw attention to your problem areas.

As for jeans, straight-cut or boot-cut styles have a slimming effect, while pants in a tailored fit and structured material are your best option. High-rise bottoms may be very popular, but they’re likely to suit only those with an hourglass figure and a small waist. Everyone else will fare better with a mid-rise style.Know that clingy, flimsy fabric will hug curves in all the wrong places. The fabrics that will flatter your shapeliness don’t necessarily have to be thick, but you will want to stick to structured material to conceal bulges you don’t want others to notice.

Want to wear a print? Make sure that your item of clothing isn’t too tight-fitting, because this will cause the print to appear warped and emphasise the curvaceous parts of your body.

Be careful with stripes, too as they can also stretch and have the same effect. The placement of the prints can determine whether they look good or bad on you too – for instance, an exaggerated bloom over E-cups will draw attention to the expanse of the bust area. And if horizontal stripes aren’t kind to your expanding waistline, try diagonal stripes that elongate the silhouette.