The Importance Of Vegetable Planter

The above is the importance of Planting Machine antifreeze, I hope it will help you.


  Vegetable Planter is very common nowadays, whether it is planting fruits and vegetables or greening, farms and park communities, etc., we often see the scene of transplanting. However, the roots of newly planted fruits and vegetables have not yet recovered, and their own resistance is weak, and they are vulnerable to freezing damage in winter. Therefore, many people choose to spray plant antifreeze on trees in autumn, but can they guarantee a safe winter through the use of antifreeze? Is there anything else I need to pay attention to?

  The working principle of antifreeze As an effective measure to protect trees from overwintering, plant antifreeze is often used in the overwintering of fruits and vegetables. Especially the tree species that are not tolerant to freezing are inseparable in winter. The working principle of most antifreeze agents is that after being absorbed and transformed by leaves, they can effectively improve lignification, and can lower the freezing point of plant cells and reduce the ability to freeze, thereby playing an antifreeze effect.

   The physiological characteristics of newly planted fruits and vegetables When it comes to antifreeze, I have to start with the plants themselves. Especially the newly planted fruits and vegetables, after transplanting themselves, they just changed to a new environment, and the plants need a certain period of time to adapt. During this period, the root system of most fruits and vegetables was damaged and the absorption capacity was weak because they were just transplanted. When they could not recover, they entered the cold winter. This is also the period when fruits and vegetables grow fragile and are vulnerable to pests and diseases. In winter, the resistance is often weak and easy to freeze damage.

   The above is the importance of Planting Machine antifreeze, I hope it will help you.