How do I withdraw money from my Cash Card?

Cash app provide you cash card which you can use like a ATM. you can use this cash card for shopping, online transaction or for cash withdraw .


If you have applied for and recently received your Cash Card, then you should know a few things about using it. You can use your Cash Card at all the places where a Visa Card is accepted, be it a restaurant, cafeteria, shopping store, or any other store. However, before you begin to use your Cash Card, you can activate it directly from your Cash App login account. In case you have already activated your Cash card and now have a question in your mind about withdrawing money using your card, then you may find this article helpful.

Once you are done with the activation process, you can go ahead with using your card wherever you want. Also, you can also use it as a debit card at an ATM to withdraw as much as you want. However, for its users' protection, Cash App has set limits on withdrawals. Thus, you can withdraw money from your ATM by paying a small amount as the withdrawal fee which is as low as $2. On the other hand, these charges are reimbursed by Cash App if the users receive more than $300 as the paychecks that are directly deposited in their account.

After knowing enough about Cash Card ATM withdrawal, let us now proceed with the steps for the actual process.

Steps to make ATM withdrawal using Cash Card

According to the Wallet Desk, you can use your Cash PIN at the ATM to withdraw an amount. Here is how:

  1. Visit one of the ATM booths where a Visa is accepted
  2. Now, insert your Cash Card at the ATM card slot
  3. Then, follow some prompts on your screen
  4. When asked, enter the Cash PIN
  5. Enter the amount that you wish to withdraw
  6. Finally, complete some more prompts
  7. And there you have your money


In case the PIN you input does not work at the ATM, you can change your Cash PIN whenever you want using your Cash App login account. Make sure that you do not exceed the set limit for Cash App Card withdrawal as it would lead to unwanted charges. We hope that you found this information about using a Cash Card at an ATM helpful.