Requirements Ghost of Questing Past

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The Ghost checks your Quest List, and RS gold teleports you into the Cave of Remembrance. Boss 1 Glough's Black Demon. Requirements : The Grand Tree. You'll be fighting bosses at random. You have the option to quit at any moment or start over. The Ghost disappears and the room begins to shake. The Grand Tree's same melody plays again and Glough walks out.

Face my fury yet again! Glough is gone away, and a Black Demon Level-172 appears. Glough's maximum hit is 13. There's a safespot hidden behind the stalagmite piece. It is recommended to range or mage the man to avoid injury. Kill him, and you will see him drop the Grand Tree Sigil, a part of the Remembrance crest.

Boss 2 Khazard warlord. Requirements Ghost of Questing Past - Ready for the next fight Here it is..... You're teleported to another room. Again, you! I'm not going to stop! I'll unleash your rage! Now fight the Khazard Warslord (Level-56) and he will not disappear forever. Ha! I'm just warming myself up. To defeat General Khazard's Warlord You must be working more!

Now take on the Khazard Warlord (Level-112) and buy OSRS gold the Khazard Warlord will be killed. He will drop the Khazard Sigil. This is one step closer to the Crest of Remembrance made of more than 20 Sigils. Boss 3 is The Jungle Demon.