Is Eve Echoes only going to get dominated by a core of hardcore gamers?

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Players using play or emulators will be able to eve echoes isk be on voice and discord comms. Thus they'll be more organized than the huge bulk of the gamers. I mean, to be fair, I have ran discord from the background in my phone while playing mobile games onto it. It's hard to define a line that's regarded as too hardcore. Will it happen? Undoubtedly. Will there be people running emulators on PC to earn their fleet? I can assure it. But that occurs in any sort of competitive game.

In all honesty, I think it will be better than players spending hundreds of dollars on a cell game to actually be untouchable. With this being a sandbox, and the strats you'll be able to use, it might not be bad. Yeah I don't think it multi boxers to worry about. The concern for me personally will be botters as well as the mechanics in Eve Echoes to keep them in check. Mostly this will be a concern for the market that is in-game.

Eve Echoes seems to look at a number of attributes, including whether it's running on an emulator, and if the unit is rooted. You might find that for this recent test that the devs didn't enforce any constraints, but might possibly chooses to enforce this when it goes live. Also it might be worth noting that Discord can conduct voice from the background, at least on Android, so not sure your complaint on this is valid. Finally, Eve Echoes thrives on, and is finally driven by cooperation. It might take weeks to concentrate in one area of the skills tree, and early game generalisation will help progress, eventually you have to make a decision as to what you are in Eve Echoes.

It rewards organised groups by it's very nature and game mechanisms that are complete. If you do not need to be a part of that, then you'll be ratting, mining or exploring, which makes money, and buying what you need. The devs have said they will not be breaking down on emulator usage. (Like if people are having trouble running Eve Echoes in their emulator, they're not likely to"fix Eve Echoes" or offer some support.)

It would not really be eve if you did not have someone turbo krabbing a mining fleet with 20 Hulk alts. Provided that they keep up with the restrictions on Alpha clones, I do not really see much of eve isk for sale a problem with it.