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The crystal bow is underwhelming even in contrast to runescape 3 gold lower tier weapons. Old content is really hard to change but how about upgrading it by consuming a bow that is Dark. The bow that is Dark require crystal a product sink needs a buff. (Consumes dark bow, shoots 2 arrows, but works on a charge system like the crystal bow). It could have higher DPS then crystal but lower maximum hit then dark bow (So its not too OP in pvp). Both low usage. Makes sense since they come from precisely the line of quests. It would be an incredibly fun weapon (already gated by a gold sink) because of the way in which the crystal charge system works. Possible Attachment to combined the two weapons (new idea for a boss fall ).

I frankly am sick of this attachment that is repetitive here,. Compromise there, how about an easy permanent and balanced buff? The weapon's accuracy is remarkable. We could bump the strength that is ranged to a number 78 or even up to 80compared to the strength of an whip, or to get a contrast bolts. That means you would be hitting 5 tick rate (4 Hurry on rapid) with a significantly long ranged weapon with comparable damage output signal of an abyssal whip and surpasses that of mithril bolts. And degradable. And worth 700k on first buy. I believe that is fair. Buffed weapons do not necessarily have to be BiS, but helpful in their own way.

Attachments makes it old content may be used while adding content better than the old. Its a really good tool to keep things once an update comes out from hitting on alch cost. I really do think these items should be kept by them in minimum regardless. A few things truly do deserve a boost after they have been outside in the marketplace for a while, and not all items will need to be BiS, and I'm not talking specifically about the crystal (I think that it's useful since it is now, esp for slayer or activities like castle wars) but I like the conservative alternative, as few features as possible and do not overcommit.

I believe there are things for boots I believed those were suggestions for things that are long recognized such as sigils for shields and crystals, but they are not necessary to produce some work. I assert this to your crystal bow two relatively smallish items, and the Elder maul without attacks that may benefit from a straightforward stat change. I'm keeping an eye on new content like never before. But I keep my focus on weapons which individuals want buffed since I feel the reason players run to compromise with attachments and imbues because they wish to strike a balance with some part of the 43, and things is.

But I assert that without needing to get attachments that are new to them, some things are buffable a little bit and kept balance. It's perception that people tend to get really jittery about. Technically it is not that hard to generate without needing to make compromises or restrictions for rs2007 gold it a product that's balanced in PvM and PvP. I will say a job producing items that are balanced imo, during their background has been done by Jagex. I wish they'd continue that trend in OSRS.