Joo Casino - offering an unusual gaming experience

Joo Casino is essentially an online casino with an extremely advanced loyalty program designed as an adventure story


If you're looking for a next generation online casino that offers unusual gaming experiences, is an obvious unique choice. They have beautifully and engagingly turned the best online games and slot machines into a loyalty and bonus program that takes the form of an adventure game. You and your casino hero will explore different regions of the amazing Joo Casino with their treasures and riches, and then hopefully defeat the bosses that stand in the way of future amazing winnings!

Joo Casino was founded by a group of Swedes in 2014, but at the time it was called Casino Saga. They changed their name to Joo Casino in August 2015 to conquer the world with their casino world, and they are still one of the fastest growing online casino sites. Casino Heores is without a doubt the market leader when it comes to innovative features and design, even though competitors have had more than a year to steal the concept. Joo Casino will be a casino that will continue to build on this exciting casino concept and take it to new and unexpected heights. Joo Casino does sound English, but it's largely a casino that deserves a spot on our list of recommended Australian online casinos.

Joo Casino bonus - free spins

When you sign up for a new account at Joo Casino, you get €5 free without making a deposit! When it comes time to make your first deposit at Joo Casino, you can choose from two different casino bonuses. One of the options is a big pickup with free spins, up to 700 free spins to be exact. Or you can choose a match bonus of 200% up to €400. To get the most out of it, you have to deposit 200 euros because that gives you 400 euros in your account.

Once you start playing at Joo Casino and begin your journey into this new world, you and your world will often be rewarded with both types of bonuses possible. One frequently used bonus is the one where your hero gets super fast shoes for a limited time. With these you move twice as fast, defeat twice as many bosses, and find twice as much treasure.

Joo Casino Loyalty Bonuses

Joo Casino is essentially an online casino with an extremely advanced loyalty program designed as an adventure story. The simplest part is that you jump in and explore the world with your own casino hero, as it's hard to give it all a fair description in text form. A simple description would be that each region of the islands and its inhabitants love one particular game, and these games are well known titles released by Joo Casino editors in collaboration with NetEnt. Then each game is linked to a boss that you can hopefully crush - it depends on how strong your hero is. If you defeat the boss, you'll be rewarded and can continue your adventure in the hunt for the golden crown that the last Betser boss stole.

Of course, you can just focus on the casino games, but then you'll have to settle for the winnings that fall on the slot machine you spin.

Joo Casino Customer Service

Since Joo Casino is a Scandinavian company, you can always count on an answer in English when you contact them. The easiest and most common way to contact them is through chat. With a wait time of no more than a few minutes, this is one of the best live chat features we've ever seen. This completely eliminates the need for email and phone support.