Introduce The Requirements Of Reflex Electroform Mold Insert

Many people don't know Reflex Electroform Mold Insert , so let's take a look today.


Many people don't know Reflex Electroform Mold Insert , so let's take a look today.

High-demand skeleton products mainly refer to higher assembly requirements or appearance requirements for inserts, higher requirements for the outer diameter of the skeleton, and thin-walled skeletons that are easy to deform; and no glue layer bonding and deformation on the K surface are allowed. There are two methods for mold design: The first method can be used to close the mold and then feed the injection mold or the extrusion mold structure. Its characteristic is that the mold is given priority to interference fit with the skeleton during the injection or extrusion process.

The positioning and removal methods of inserts and molds should be considered based on the shape of the inserts, the direction of the glue, and the ease of removal. The positioning of the insert is related to the quality of the product and the service life of the mold; the removal of the insert affects the opening and closing of the mold, which is the key to the efficiency of the work. Attention should be paid to the operation: Where the positioning method is adopted, it must be evenly placed up and down and all around. The inlay method should ensure that the thickness of the rubber block (strip) is consistent, which determines the relationship between the good and bad coaxially of the middle frame.

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