How popular is Animal Crossing?

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Animal Crossing is a casual game produced by Nintendo. The first game was launched in 2001. It was officially released on March 20. It sold 1.88 million copies in just three days, becoming Japan’s highest-selling game in the first week. Pokémon's record, it also ranked first in Amazon sales in the United States and the best-selling Switch game for the first week in the history of the United Kingdom.

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The hot sale of Animal Crossing also drove the sales of the Nintendo Switch console. After the game was released, Nintendo sold nearly 400,000 Switch consoles within a week, setting a single-week console sales record. On Google Trends, the popularity of Animal Crossing Bells has overwhelmingly overwhelmed the popularity of LOL, Zelda, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and other popular games. If you need Cheap Animal Crossing Bells, you can visit MMOSO.

It is not a new work, nor has it created a brand-new game mode. Compared with the interlocking tasks of general desert island game tasks, Animal Crossing can be said to be very Buddhist. After the simple guidance of the NPC, the player has mastered the initiative and can do whatever he wants. Chopping wood and picking water, watching the stars, counting the moon, and keeping the house around the walls, you can do DIY decoration, make money to change the house, do tasks, change the mileage, and collect more materials. As long as you want to play, hundreds of hours are not at all problem.

Simply put, the point of play in Animal Crossing is not about clearing or growing. Nintendo aims to bring game settings closer to life, allowing players to have the greatest degree of freedom, while also always having something to do, so as to harvest players of all ages.

After all, the game is invisible and intangible, so one of the ways for Nintendo to hold fans is to release Garage Kit. Amiibo, the Garage Kit of the Nintendo Games, was born in 2014. It is a toy that can be linked to the game. After the player purchases it, it can be used to unlock certain content and functions in the game. From the only 12 characters when it was launched, there are hundreds of different styles for players to choose from today. In addition to hand-made toys, Amiibo also has cards.

How profitable has Amiibo been since its launch? Nintendo's 2016 financial report showed that Amiibo's sales volume was approximately 24.7 million, while the card-based Amiibo volume was approximately 28.9 million. As of the end of 2015, the worldwide sales of Amiibo models reached 31 million, and Amiibo accounted for 36% of the sales in the hand-made model market, surpassing Disney. In 2019, Amiibo's sales increased by more than eight times compared with the previous year. If you need Animal Crossing Bells, you can Buy Animal Crossing Bells at MMOSO.