Characteristics and services offered by AOL

Let’s get to know the key features of AOL Mail login and the other services that the brand offers to their consumers for improved user experience.


AOL, or formerly known as American Online, is an enterprise that has seen turns and twists like no other company. It has seen more downfalls than achievements but has always remained strong, and every time came out to be stronger and better. They built up the organization intending to be the best email service provider but with issues encountered and the fast pacing life, things turned out to be difficult. And now, along with AOL Mail Login, there are tons of other services that the brand offers to society. This read is focused on discussing the features of AOL Mail and some of the other products that they have crafted to benefit their consumers.

Appealing traits of AOL

Enlisted are the features that make having an AOL Mail login account a great idea in the technology-dominated world:

  • The attachment limit is set up to 25 MB.
  • The size of your mailbox is unlimited.
  • POP3, IMAP, SMTP protocols are compatible.
  • Other email accounts can be linked.
  • Emails are Spam and Virus protected.
  • SSL/HTTPS can be supported after AOL Mail login.
  • It provides spelling checks on emails.

Note: When AOL says you can link other email accounts, it doesn’t necessarily have to be from the same provider. You can add email accounts from other service providers like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, etc.

AOL products offered to consumers

Other than AOL Mail, consumers are offered tons of services for enhancing their time spent online. Listed below are the products or services that you can opt for along with AOL Mail login accounts:

  • AOL Desktop Gold-This can be considered to be a one-stop destination for all AOL services (including email, browser search, and content).
  • Data Secure by AOL-This service helps users in securing their in-use devices from digital age threats (especially, cyber-attacks).
  • Search and Recover-This is for when you somehow, accidentally delete or misplace your data (emails, images, songs, documents, etc). You can use this service to look for them and recover them.
  • AOL Shield Pro-This service by AOL provides 360-degree protection with premium features to your documents, accounts, and devices.
  • Assist by AOL-You are entitled to get assistance with any problem that you may encounter with any of the AOL services.
  • AOL Mobile-This service focuses on convenience for all AOL users. You can use this to get websites and applications on your smart phones, wherever and whenever you want to access them.
  • ID Protection by AOL-This service is exclusive for protecting you from any issue that may lead to theft of your identity.


AOL has failed tons of times, but it never saw the option of giving up. The brand worked on the AOL Mail Login issues and came out stronger every time. Being a technical product it cannot possibly be flawless. The above read gives you a clear insight into the AOL Mail traits and the other services they introduced.